“Hear that, Fido?”

We did not call it propaganda, for that word, in German hands, had come to be associated with deceit and corruption.

George Creel, How We Advertised America (1920)

In this week’s Sift:

  • The Dog Whistle Defined. How Tim Pawlenty and Rick Perry send messages to the Religious Right that they don’t want you to hear.
  • Digging Into the Deficit. When you gather together the rights charts and graphs, the deficit isn’t that complicated: We cut taxes too far, and healthcare costs are rising exponentially.
  • Short notes. If you’re not Muslim, it’s not terrorism. The debt ceiling comes down to the wire. Yesterday’s talking points are today’s deadbeats. The hazards of lying to Al Franken. Dogs and smurfs. And the week’s most interesting question: Did communists raise Captain America?
  • Last week’s most popular post. Hands down it was Meet ALEC, which at last count had 878 views (most of which came through Reddit, if I’m reading the stats right). That’s part of a national wave of attention to the secretive American Legislative Executive Council. This week the story escaped the liberal blogosphere and made it to Bloomberg News and NPR. A good way to go deeper is to look at one state in detail: ALEC Bills in Wisconsin.
  • This week’s challenge. Sign a petition to make corporations impersonal again. If it takes a constitutional amendment, let’s get one started.

I promised a follow-up on last week’s review of Warren Mosler’s Seven Deadly Innocent Frauds of Economic Policy, where I would describe his proposals. But I ran over my 3000-word weekly limit, so I’ll put that off to next week.

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