The Monday Morning Teaser

Two featured articles this week: “New Evidence ObamaCare is Working” pulls together three new pieces of information: Gallup’s report that the percentage of the population claiming to be uninsured is dropping sharply, research demonstrating that the death rate in Massachusetts has fallen post-RomneyCare, and an encouraging bit of data suggesting that ObamaCare’s reforms are changing healthcare delivery for the better — the rate of hospital re-admissions is falling.

A second article (which I haven’t titled yet) responds to the Princeton freshman whose essay in Time says he won’t apologize for his white male privilege because he and his family have worked hard and suffered hardship to put him where he is. I don’t think it’s too much of a spoiler to say I think he misses the point about the nature of privilege.

The weekly summary links to the best summaries I could find about the kidnapped Nigerian girls and the continuing Ukraine/Russia unrest. (I don’t claim to understand either situation myself.) I’ll briefly tell you what I got out of reading the Supreme Court’s new decision on prayer at public meetings, expand on how the shifting politics of ObamaCare leads to another Republican effort to beat the dead horse of Benghazi, link you to the new National Climate Assessment, and pass along stories from Georgia and Texas about the craziness that ensues from open-carry-of-firearms laws.

The ObamaCare article should be out shortly, and the privilege article by 10 EDT. Expect the summary before noon.

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