The Monday Morning Teaser

This week I tackle the Common Core standards, which several people have been asking about. I knew I had my work cut out for me last week when I heard Chris Hayes say that he didn’t know what to think about them. When was the last time Chris Hayes didn’t know what to think? I’ve always imagined that if you woke Chris up at 3 a.m. and picked a subject out of the encyclopedia at random, he’d say, “Funny you should ask about that.”

The gist of my conclusion is that the standards are fine, the tests are fine, but what people want to do with the test results is crazy. Along the way I’m going to end up telling you about my own bizarre educational history, my sister’s experiences as a public school teacher, and a bunch of other stuff that makes the article run way too long. (I’m blowing away my usual word limit this week.)

I’m also writing an article about that CBO report that the media mangled into saying that ObamaCare will kill jobs. Other people have covered it, but I think they’ve missed the real story: That’s not even what the report was about. The CBO thought it was explaining why the deficit is falling. The media had to ignore the report’s main subject and several other possible stories before latching onto ObamaCare-kills-jobs, which the report didn’t even say. Then after it became clear that they had misreported the story, some reporters blamed the administration for not having a better explanation ready in case they made a story out of a misrepresentation of Appendix C.

Finally, in the weekly summary: Woody Allen responded, Bill Nye debated at the Creationist Museum (and lived to tell the tale), Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death reminded people that heroin is a problem, the NFL is going to have an openly gay player next season, and Congressman Sarbanes has introduced a practical bill for lessening the influence of big money on our politicians.

The CBO article should be out soon. I can’t estimate how long it will take me to put finishing touches on the Common Core article and then do the weekly summary.

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